• Paid up installations are eligible for 'within year' upgrades at no additional cost.
  • Customers are strongly advised to upgrade regularly to take advantage of new features and bug fixes.
  • The newsletter will be used to send out advisories when new versions are released.
  • The issues / change log can also be checked to inform your decision whether to install an upgrade.

Upgrading version 4

Upgrading from one ScriptBase 4 to an incremental release (such as 4.10 to 4.12) is almost always straight forward and usually trivial. The steps are as follows:

  • Download the current latest version.
  • Ask all users to stop using ScriptBase
  • Make a fresh backup.
  • Install the new version over your current version.
  • Run the software. It will automatically detect that it is a more recent version and make any necassary changes to the database.

This process might be slightly different if you have the software installed on a server.

For example, some sites will have a single copy of the executable ('sbase.exe') on a shared folder on the server with a shortcut on the users desktop pointing to this copy of ScriptBase. In this instance, you need only replace the one sbase.exe - for which you do not need the windows installer and can download the zip archive instead.

Upgrading version 3

The process of upgrading from version 3 to 4 of ScriptBase is not as straightforward as previous (or indeed future) upgrades. It is important that upgraders read the detailed upgrade instructions.

Version 4 of ScriptBase is a major revision and introduces a new license structure. Licensed users of version 3 can import their data into a new ScriptBase 4 database, though this will initially run as a sixty day trial.

This does not remove or stop your ScriptBase 3 working, so you can run both at the same time to check whether you want to purchase version 4.

If you decide to continue using version 4 beyond the 60 days, you will need to purchase a new annual license. If you purchased ScriptBase 3, you may be entitled to a free first year (or more in exceptional cases) so please get in touch.

The new license is based on how many concurrent clients you will be prescribing for. See the purchase page for more details. As an upgrader from version 3, you can decide which of the new licenses you wish to step into for version 4. This is entirely up to you. We are no longer making a distinction between standalone and network licenses. All versions support network use.