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Prescribing for drug dependency is complicated.
ScriptBase reduces errors, prescription fraud and stress!

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How Can ScriptBase Help You?

The clinical management of drug dependency requires complex prescribing regimes, non-standard prescription forms and compliance with strict regulations.

Standard patient management systems are not designed to support prescribers treating these patients - which is where ScriptBase comes in.

Automated prescription writing.

ScriptBase solves complex interval prescribing regimes and automates the dose adjustments around holidays that burden handwritten prescriptions.

ScriptBase is available on a 'try before you buy' basis; with a fully functional version available for a free sixty day trial.

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ScriptBase Software

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Make your practice more efficient:

  • Automatically adjusting dispensing around holidays.
  • Enabling automatic dose reductions to specified doses or dates.
  • Displaying actual prescription wording real-time as you adjust the treatment regime.
  • Validating prescriptions against statutory regulations, NHS guidance and even your clinic's policies.
  • Database can be amended as new prescription drugs become available.
  • Prescription costs calculated automatically.

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ScriptBase is easy to install and use:

  • Downloads and installs in only 10 minutes
  • No awkward configuration.
  • Straightforward interface for fast learning curve.
  • Comprehensive help at the click of a mouse.
  • Password protected login for individual worker accounts

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Established track record:

Available and updated for over 25 years, ScriptBase has printed millions of prescriptions for:

  • Community drug teams
  • GP's with a special interest in drug misuse
  • Drug dependency units
  • GP's on the national enhanced service

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