About ScriptBase:

The clinical management of drug dependency demands complex prescribing regimes, non-standard prescription forms and adherence to strict regulations.

Standard patient management systems are not designed to support prescribers treating these patients.

Are you burdened by excessive time writing prescriptions by hand, confusing yourself, your clients or the pharmacist when trying to prescribe around holidays or are you disatisfied with your existing software? Does your existing system 'go down' whenever the web goes on the blink?

ScriptBase automates prescription writing so you can focus on the client.

ScriptBase is the top selling prescription printing software for drug dependency. In use for over 10 years in both General Practice and out-patient clinics, ScriptBase solves complex interval prescribing regimes and automated dose adjustments around holidays that burden handwritten prescriptions.

ScriptBase is available on a 'try before you buy' basis; with a fully functional version available for a free sixty day trial.



Latest upgrade: 4.11

The latest upgrade, version 4.11 is now available from the download page, existing users of ScriptBase should see notes on the upgrade page.

ScriptBase 4 is here!

Over the last few months ScriptBase has undergone a major revision - and has now been released as ScriptBase 4.

The new version includes a range of new features, including:

  • Updated script-wording consistent with latest clinical guidelines
  • Automated support for multiple dose units (eg. Buprenorphine)
  • Template system for new prescriptions
  • NTDMS and TOPS submissions
  • Full XP / Vista compatability
  • Powerfull report writing system
  • Mechanism to link ScriptBase to other patient management systems (available December)

Also see the release notes and upgrade instructions from version 3.

In other news, contingency planning and Escrow arrangements are being put in place to help protect ScriptBase customers.

If you would like to keep in touch with developments and updates to version 4, please join the ScriptBase News mailing list.

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