Support and Technical Support

Support Policy

  • Well designed software should be offered on a 'try before you buy' basis, to show confidence in the product and give customers a fair go at trying it out without placing too much trust in a sales person.
  • Well designed software requires little support. If there are problems, ScriptBase Software will endeavor to fix bugs, and not charge you for defects in the system.
  • Well designed software does not require the programmer to install it for you. ScriptBase Software will endeavor to make the system easy for you to install and upgrade, and will answer your questions without charge to help you do this.
  • Well designed software should be priced to reflect the opportunities afforded by the internet to collapse supply chains and slash costs. ScriptBase Software will use these technologies, and pass on the savings to the customer.

What this means in practice

All updates within the year

ScriptBase Software is committed to ongoing improvement of the application and will release new versions with new features and adjustments required by changes to prescribing rules. You will can install all updates released during the period of your license at no additional cost.

Email support for end users

End users and clinical staff can ask questions by email about how to use the software: If issues are complicated they will be followed up on the phone.

Telephone support for technical staff

Your IT team will be given the telephone number of the lead developer and will provide support to all technical aspects of keepng your ScriptBase running and up to date.

For small sites that do not have dedicated IT staff, one named person per site can use telephone support for the same purpose.

Issues tracker and release history

We have a public issues / bug tracker.

Customers do not add issues to this directly, but reports of bugs and feature requests will be added to this after confirmation and a decision that they will be fixed. The tracker is useful to check whether issues have been fixed in an available upgrade or whether a possible new feature is in the pipeline.

Version Numbering

From version 4.12 onwards we will be more strict in how version numbering is used and follow industry conventions called 'Semantic Versioning'.

  • Increments to major version (eg. 3, 4) are releases with substantial additional functionality. The move to version 5 will reflect the introduction of the new Client / Server mode.
  • Increments to minor version eg. the 12 in 4.12 are releases with new features or major bug fixes.
  • Ad hoc increments to the build number will be used for 'hot fixes' and minor but urgent bug fixes.

Changes to the major or minor numbers will force ScriptBase to be re-registered on the site. Changes to the build number will not change this.

From version 4.12 onwards, the 'build number' is shown on the Help / About page. Also, the Release date shows the actual date this executable was compiled.