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ScriptBase Features

Rules based Prescribing

(Errors and warnings are shown immediately so you can correct the prescription until it is legal, clinically optimal and conforms with your clinic policies)

ScriptBase knows the rules, and writes prescriptions to those rules.

Your staff might not know that you cannot write a prescription for 15 days on a Blue interval Script, your Doctor might not notice.. but the client certainly will when it is presented to the Pharmacist. Everything from the validity of the date of birth, length of prescription, Pharmacy closures to maximum / minimum dosage is checked on the fly.

Over 70 rules are built in, with more being adjustable to your agencies policies.

The wording of prescriptions has been continually updated to take account of developments in legislation and guidance; these include the new Clinical Guidelines, the outcome of the Shipman enquiry and other guidance from the Home Office.

All the 'additional dispensing instructions' suggested by the Clinical Guidelines are included, though you can edit these and add further instructions to the database.

Automatic Holiday handling

ScriptBase holds a list of holidays.

These are used to identify prescriptions which would be invalid due to having a dispense date coinciding with Pharmacy closure. For most prescriptions, the Script is automatically adjusted around holidays and weekends.

For example, a 1 day Diazepam script will automatically change to 2 or 3 days to step over a weekend or holiday.

A single print run will usually deliver every script required for your service, even over a holiday period.

Complex Dose Handling

(ScriptBase calculating all possible tablet purmutations of a target dose of 6.4mg of Buprenorphine)

Automated support for multiple dose units

ScriptBase has sophisticated algorithms to help you choose the optimal combination of tablet sizes, when medications are available in multiple 'dose units' such as Diazepam and Buprenorphine

  • You enter a target dose.
  • ScriptBase checks whether this is possible using the dose units available for this medication.If the target dose is impossible, ScriptBase suggests the closest.
  • ScriptBase then offers you a list of all possible tablet combinations.
  • You select the combination you want and the prescription wording is automatically updated as you work.

Auto Reductions

Auto Reductions

You can set up a prescribing regime that will automatically reduce over a period of weeks or months. It is possible to specify a reduction to 'kick in' at a date in the future, how often to reduce, by what steps and when (or at what dose) to stop the reduction.

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